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26 December 2011


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Johnny Horne

Little known fact - the wookie named "Lumpy" died of cancer soon after taping of the show. Lucasfilm withheld release of this information until after the broadcast so as to not conflict with the "... grander themes of Life Day."

I, too, was excited about the original broadcast. There was so little available to quench our thirsts for all things "Star Wars" in the 1970's pre-internet universe. For good or for bad?

Maybe that's why "Empire" remains our over-all favourite. It orgasmically brought us to a new level with characters, worlds, and effects, despite a flawed story-line. Example - if Han Solo was such a great pilot, how come he didn't know about an asteroid field just five minutes flight-time from Hoth?.

(Look for Carrie Fisher's comments on this and all-things Star Wars in the excellent HBO special "Wishful Drinking").

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