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12 December 2009


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Brian Yates

we're renting Season 1 of Madmen as I reading all this. Dealing with the Lucky Strike accounts and the 'lawsuits'. we're going through it all again.


Watch "Madmen" season 1 and 2 for a take on how Madison Ave attempts to deal with the forthcoming scientific news on the negative effects of smoking. Based in 1960-1

Sadly, incidents of lung cancer began to sky-rocket in the U.S. in the late 1930's - 20 years after cigarettes were freely provided to the WW1 doughbouys. It's also the beginning of products like cig's, chocolate, chewing gum, etc., moving down the demographic scale from luxury items to widely available mass consumer goods in the 1920's.

Lunch-bucket-Joe/Joan could smoke cheaply like crazy. All, reinforced by the glamour of Hollywood and Madison Ave. advertising at the same time.

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